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The first phrase I remember from Dolvett on the BL was: a New B.A.D which means:
NEW Beginning Attitude Drive!

So when I initially heard about his book, I downloaded the 'Sample' on my IPad. I have a passion for reading and writing and would know from the few pages of the 'sample' it would tell me if I should invest in the entire book.  And of course, Dolvett, delivered!

The thing that drew me in was the "realness" that Dolvett displayed.  When he gave us a brief overview of his early years and what caused him down the path to helping people achieve their best physical, mental, and emotional self, I was hooked.  Many trainers are only concerned about what the physical person looks like (on the outside) and never dealing with the primary reasons why persons are overweight (excluding medical issues). These things could be family history, emotional eating, background, and for some, the inability to just stop eating.  There are many varying, underlying factors regarding a persons inability to lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mine would be to get over the emotional stressors in my life and not feeling guilty about putting myself first. As a mother we have a tendency to put everyone - friends, family, work, etc - ahead of our own personal well-being and we wind up paying for it over time.  It is time to start being selfish in the regard that we mentally make it okay to put ourselves first and achieve our overall healthy self. As Dolvett stated in the Introduction of "The 3-2-1-1 Diet", "you need to learn to never stop liking you."

Practice letting it go....this calls for honest self-examination.  You have to be honest with yourself about what the "TRUTH" is behind what has you (and I) in the place that we are in.  You have to let IT go!!!! Forgive yourself, the other person(s) involved, the divorce, loss of job, bad decisions, putting others first, whatever the IT is, forgive the negative and look for/at the positive. This is your time!

The first time I was 'introduced" to Dolvett was when I began listening to 99.7 and Bert would have his trainer on the radio offering fitness and nutritional advice.  I actually remember listening to Dolvett come on to share with us that he had auditioned for a fitness show (I thought at the time that it was the BL), which he didn't mention by name.  I can't remember if it was the same show in which he told us that he didn't get it but that he was looking at something else (which I thought the Extreme Weight Loss show was looking at him).  I know, my imagination.  Next thing we know, we hear he got a call for the initial audition, and voila ~ Biggest Loser Red Team is born.

You can sense the genuineness and passion that Dolvett has for what he does by sharing his story with us.  This touched me because I felt his pain and the pain of his siblings and was also greatly impressed that he had not allowed a potentially destructive situation to "shape" his future for the worse.  When I see his smile, there is so much warmth and compassion there.  You would never have suspected that he had endured some of the things that he openly shared with us.  He turned his negative experience into something very positive with a far-reaching effect on all those that he comes in touch with. One word: relatable.

So, what is the 'weight' that easily entangles you?  No, I do not mean your pounds on the scale.  What is holding you down or back from being the best you possible?  The only person that you are deceiving is yourself.

If you are serious about being able to enjoy your life and enjoy being you, I encourage you to start the journey to a better you.  Begin by really reading and studying Dolvett's "The 3-1-2-1 Diet."  I hate the word diet, but his plan is truly an effective and manageable way of life.  I have done this type of program before, but I fell off.  This is exactly what I need to get back on course.

Dolvett, thank you for being open and honest.  In the words of Shemar Moore from 'Diary of A Mad Black Woman': 'I can love you past your pain'.  You have done that with this book!

So let's get B.A.D. together.  RED TEAM!

Also Dolvett, can a sista get one of those shirts you wear on the show? Prefer red....

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